It's 1864, and Goldtown, California, has seen the last of its Gold Rush days. But Jem and his sister, Ellie, along with an old prospector, "Strike," are sure they can pan more gold in Cripple Creek. In the meantime, selling frog legs and firewood will have to  do. Then Pa becomes sheriff of lawless Goldtown, and Jem worries. How many outlaws will use Pa’s new badge for target practice? When the creek mysteriously dries up, Jem determines to find out why—and plunges head-on into danger.
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Book 1 - Badge of Honor (click on the cover to read an excerpt)
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When Jem is caught in a miners' riot, he learns the worst: the Midas mine has run out of gold. A new vein deep underground shows promise, but an old mine nearby must be reclaimed for an air shaft. However, Jem's friend Wu Shen and the other Chinese refuse to give up their lawful claim to their diggings. Jem's sheriff father is ordered to evict the Chinese or lose his job. Then Will, the mine owner's son, comes up with a plan. If Jem goes along with it, Pa can keep his job, and the Midas will get its air shaft. Sounds like a great idea, until Will's risky plan leads to disaster deep inside an old mine.
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When Pa escorts a prisoner to Sacramento and leaves the ranch in Jem’s care, Jem quickly discovers that being the “man of the family” is not how he imagined it. Everything goes wrong. A wolf threatens the herd, and an injured stranger invades the Coulters' lives. Then Jem’s horse goes missing, along with Pa’s good rifle. Goldtown’s bungling miners-turned-deputies are no help, so Jem determines to solve this problem on his own. He won’t let his father down. He’ll do anything to recover his family’s stolen property—even venture into a canyon filled with unexpected danger.  
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A visit to Sacramento should be the trip of a lifetime for the Coulter family, but something's not right. The stagecoach is held up, a strongbox of gold is stolen, but why isn't Sheriff Coulter upset over the robbery? The answer turns Jem’s carefree city holiday upside down. While exploring the river wharf and enjoying a tour of a paddlewheel steamboat—courtesy of a new friend—Jem, Nathan, and Ellie stumble across a dangerous smuggling operation. Then the bandits show up, and Ellie disappears. With Pa off on business and Aunt Rose worried sick, Jem must use all his wits to rescue his sister before the side-wheeler steams downriver and out of reach.  
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Book 2 - Tunnel of Gold (click on the cover to read an excerpt)
Book 3 - Canyon of Danger (click on the cover to read an excerpt)
Book 4 - River of Peril  (click on the cover to read an excerpt)
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